Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Policy Statement

In pursuit of vision & mission to be recognized and preferred as one of the best lifting equipment rental companies with competitive services, Health, Safety, Environment and Quality are the integral parts of our business and for which we are committed to

1 - Treating our employees as the main company’s assets
2 - Protecting employees’ health from any undesired occupational illnesses arising out of our work activities through regular health surveillance, provision of medical facilities and insurance
 3 - Preventing injuries to workforce and others who are affected by our undertakings by adopting best accident prevention techniques and controlling risks associated in the business
4 - Providing adequate information, instruction, training, supervision and adequate resources like safe workplaces, tool, work equipment, personal protective equipment, etc for performing business activities safely
5 - Controlling environmental pollutions like emissions to air, contamination of soil or discharges to water and promoting recycling of waste
6 - Maintaining and assuring quality of services, lifting equipment and competent lifting operations in compliance to relevant local government and international standards at all times to satisfy customer needs.
7 - Motivating, consulting and engaging employees to develop positive HSEQ culture through positive involvement, commitment and leadership management qualities.

As a responsible company President, I own overall responsibility for HSEQ in the organization and pledge to be transparent with all our customers and stakeholders and strive for continual improvement and sustainable development in our Health, Safety, Environment and Quality performance

 Quality Policy Statement

It is the policy of EASTERN LIFTERS FOR EQUIPMENTS RENTAL EST. to always strive to provide the best Provision of Services related Heavy Equipment Rental to maintain its leadership position in this business.

EASTERN LIFTERS FOR EQUIPMENTS RENTAL EST. is committed to comply with the requirement of the customers and to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System. It must be clearly understood that this Quality Policy, Quality Manual and associated Operating Procedure and systems are mandatory on all staff.

The management of EASTERN LIFTERS FOR EQUIPMENTS RENTAL EST. is fully committed to the Document Quality Management System in the principle of providing services (supplier & stockiest) of consistently high quality in safe manner to the complete satisfaction of its Customer. The operation of the Quality System is subject to continuous review at the highest management level, to ensure that the established standards are maintained and improved wherever necessary.

ELERE has introduced system that will set and review measurable quality objectives. The Management actively encourages all personal commitment to Quality and to accept the responsibility for the achievement of the highest standards of workmanship, to enhance the reputation of the establishment.

 Aim: Quality is everybody's responsibility